The Quest Towards 50 Original Posters



Our agency missed the “art” part of advertising. We wanted to find a way to use creativity as our superpower to do some good.


We set out to make 50 original posters. Collaborating with artists we’ve worked with throughout our careers and ones we’d always wanted to, we used our agency mantras as a spring board for a tsunami of art, design, and typography. No rules, no brand guidelines—just whatever we think is cool. Hover for information on each poster.


The poster series was covered in Adweek and printed in the Communication Arts Creative Annual. COMING SOON: Art gallery opening, through which proceeds from poster sales will be donated to Marin Charitable.


Poster No. X arrives on our fifth anniversary or Tax Day as we call it—the day we were issued our EIN by the IRS back in 2011. The opportunities we’ve had are truly mind-blowing: Cartoon Network, YouTube, Amnesty International, Caitlyn Jenner, Facebook and Foster Farms. We’re stoked like little kids that refuse to turn the lights off and go to bed at night. That said, our agency motto reflects five years of operating in an earthquake zone–both seismically and industrially. Power lettering by Kevin Cantrell who is really rather wicked with the pen. www.kevincantrell.com

Wizardry: Ben Klein



Ben Klein, a Luxembourg native and San Francisco Academy of Art graduate, gets really detailed. No really, down to an atomic level. This freelance illustrator and story artist takes a magnifying glass to the mundane with his rousing and gritty ink illustrations. In every corner of his work, you’ll find whispers of information that quite literally paint the picture. He has mastered blending whimsy and darkness to create distorted art that is just the right amount of unsettling. His poster for Odysseus Arms is proof that great work truly does lie in the details. Not in spells, potions or wizardry as Ben’s work might actually lead you to believe.

Devil’s Advocate: Diego Portilla


Diego Portilla is a Colombian illustrator who puts old movie poster and comic art into a bullet blender to serve up bright and creepy illustrations. His high-octane work is reminiscent of the golden age of poster art, and he’s quite possibly ushering us into the renaissance of it all. In this poster for Odysseus Arms Diego portrays We wanted to embolden creatives and encourage them to just go and make the thing. Paint the stuff. Write that doohickey. Because if you listen to the worriers of the world, you’ll never make anything cool.

DIGITAL MEDIA: NEVER BEFORE HAVE SO MANY BEEN BULLSHITTED BY SO FEW ABOUT SO MUCH. Poster No. 11. Collaboration between OA and The TDR™ of Sheffield, England. Quote by Paul Silburn.


Patryk Hardziej: Skatepark


Celebrate the fail. It means you went bigger than anyone else. That’s the skatepark mentality, and it’s all too rare in our industry. Polish national Patryk Hardzieg marries the dark with the light, creating a kaleidoscope of contrast. While some highlight elements with color, he highlights it with darker tones, bringing peculiarly touching scenes to life. His work that has gotten him on the cover of Archive Magazine and collaborating with brands like MINI. And to say it all started with his fascination over his grandma’s copies of “Great Painters” magazine...

Stir Fry: Bagger43 (Dennis)



Dennis (aka Bagger43) is all gas, no brakes. He packs a punch with his inky, bold work. Born in the Philippines and raised in different parts of Asia, Dennis’ work has won the hearts of 70k followers and his videos get over a million views. People like Dennis bring heat to the creative stir-fry. He’s multi-faceted, multi-media, multi-layered and multi-talented. We don’t know about you, but we can feel the heat in his poster for Odysseus Arms.

Poster No. 6
The importance of utter nonsense. Monty Python is our co-pilot. Not sure what you're doing, but we're having fun over here. Design: Mr. Huff.


DIGITAL MEDIA: NEVER BEFORE HAVE SO MANY BEEN BULLSHITTED BY SO FEW ABOUT SO MUCH. Poster No. 11. Collaboration between OA and The TDR™ of Sheffield, England. Quote by Paul Silburn.

POSTER NO. 9. With respect to the current climate, proofreaders are the kevlar vests of the writer pool. We would like to formally thank all the people who have protected us from ourselves over the years. Design: Jarod Huff