Are paid media and owned media two different worlds? Not to Franklin Tipton, an agency industry veteran who says the content lines are blurring. Yes, we still produce ads, but we use social media to blast-test directions, style and ideas using Facebook as a campaign incubator. "From there, we finesse individual executions and push them with paid media. The cost versus impact on sales is a multiple of anything I’ve seen in 25 years.” Read More >

CAMPAIGN US: Most Influential Women of the Century

As a young American creative, Libby Brockhoff planned to move to London for a short time, but ended up co-founding one of the most influential UK advertising agencies of the past two decades. At Gold Greenlees Trott in London, Brockhoff met creative director Robert Saville. "From there, things changed forever," she says. "To get confidence and momentum as a creative, you have to have someone who believes in you. Robert did that for me 100%." Read More >

CAMPAIGN US: Brand superfans at center of 'bringing humanity back to industry'

Big data scares Libby Brockhoff. The partner at indy shop Odysseus Arms (and co-founder of Mother) says some C-suite marketers are being "blindly led" by numbers which "turns consumers into zeros and ones and reduces our view" of a creative situation. Read More >

WOMEN OF INFLUENCE: Meet Libby Brockhoff, CEO and Founder of Ad Agency Wunderkind, Odysseus Arms

"People need independent firecrackers in this industry. Indie operators are far more passionate about business because we don’t have the safety of shareholder backing. This danger keeps things exciting." Our founder Libby Brockhoff sounds off for Women of Influence in the "Meet A Role Model" feature. Read More >


Odysseus Arms created a three-month social campaign for client André Champagne built around a specially-designed, carefully-crafted, ugly sweater. Launching earlier in October and ramping up through the holiday season, this series of playful videos, images and memes focuses on the universal truths for young adults returning home for the holidays. Read More >

ADWEEK: Odysseus Arms and André Champagne Have an Ugly Christmas Sweater Meme for Every Occasion

A new campaign by San Francisco’s Odysseus Arms for André Champagne wants to celebrate the ugly/beautiful by meme-ing the fuck out of it. This is an all-encompassing, three-month effort that touches on pretty much every “sharable, authentic, relatable, and humorous holiday moment.” Read More >


ADWEEK: Odysseus Arms "Army of Moms"

As a woman-owned agency, Odysseus Arms proudly recruits, employs, and activates Moms across the country with flexible schedules and challenging work. Our founder Libby Brockhoff speaks in Adweek about her own experience returning to work after having children, and our agency's "Army of Moms," a program that's employed 40-50 moms by allowing them to return to work on their own terms. Read More >

ADWEEK: Odysseus Arms Expands Leadership Team

San Francisco agency Odysseus Arms expanded its leadership team with a series of promotions and the arrival of a new account director. Read More >

SF EGOTIST: Odysseus Arms Promotes Creative Team

Great news out of Odysseus Arms. They announced today the promotion of Madeline Lambie and Jarrod Gustin to Associate Creative Directors. “Madeline and Jarrod have been a tremendous part of our work, culture and successes in recent years, and we’re thrilled to promote them to Associate Creative Directors”, said Partner/Chief Creative Officer, Franklin Tipton. Read More >


THE DRUM: Libby Brockhoff: The Beauty of Independence

"When CFOs and procurement people call the shots, creativity inevitably bumps up against financial constraints, political concerns, and a corporate party line that may never have been made public, even to employees." Read More >

THE DRUM: In-house agencies are here to stay (but they need our help!)

Odysseus Arms founder and CEO Libby Brockhoff sounds off on how in-house creative departments and their ad agencies can (and should!) work together. Read More >

THE DRUM: ‘People have a lot to offer’: Exceptional Women of the World featuring Libby Brockhoff, Odysseus Arms

From naming Mother London Advertising at 27 to leading an indie shop in the tech capital of the world, our CEO and founder Libby Brockhoff sounds off on the importance of female leadership, doing your homework, and what's next for Odysseus Arms. Read More >


AdWEEK: The Only Thing Worse Than Your Relatives? Your Relatives’ Pets

'Visit family. Stay with us' campaign continues. HotelTonight, a 7-year-old service, launches animal-centric ads this week as a follow-up to last December’s cast of wacky relatives whom you probably didn’t want to share living space with. If those folks were quirky (and they most certainly were), wait until you get a load of their furry friends. Read More >

LITTLE BLACK BOOK: A Game of ‘Would You Rather’ with Odysseus Arms’ Jarrod Gustin

Would you rather start your career now or 30 years ago? Would you rather give up Illustrator of Photoshop? What about Instagram or Facebook? Odysseus Arms' JJ Gustin answers the tough questions in a little game of "Would You Rather" with Little Black Book. Read More >

THRIVE GLOBAL: Libby Brockhoff: 5 Misconceptions About Saying “No”

"While “yes” is the secret password to many of life’s magical experiences (“Yes, I’ll marry you,” “Yes, I accept the job,” “Yes, I want guac for an extra dollar”) the word “no” can be just as powerful in generating higher standards for yourself and others." Our CEO Libby Brockhoff sounds off on saying "no" for Arianna Huffington's Thrive Global. Read More >


THE DRUM: Odysseus Arms CEO Libby Brockhoff sheds light on one of her career ‘failures’ at 3% Conference

At the 3% Conference in New York, Odysseus Arms chief executive and co-founder Libby Brockhoff told attendees how she’s helping moms continue their careers in advertising during a panel called ‘My Failure Resume.’ She said her agency, which is based in San Francisco, gives mothers the chance to “work on smaller projects that don’t totally take over their world.” Read More >

THE DRUM: Libby Brockhoff: Never give up on the power of good

"Never give up on the power of good." Our CEO and founder Libby Brockhoff sounds off on how advertising can be used for good not evil. Read More >

THE NEXT FEM PODCAST: Using Creativity to Foster Your Success – with Libby Brockhoff

Libby Brockhoff is the founder and CEO of two successful advertising agencies. Her commitment to creativity and fresh thinking has kept her at the forefront of the advertising business. In this interview, you will hear Libby’s story and her views on creativity and being a perception influencer. Read More >


ADWEEK: How America’s Favorite Bargain Wine Gets Great Facebook Engagement on a Shoestring Budget

“It’s kind of a legacy brand, like Heinz ketchup.” That’s how Libby Brockhoff, co-founder and partner at San Francisco agency Odysseus Arms, describes client Carlo Rossi—a wine brand best known for being plentiful and, most importantly, cheap. Read More >

FAST COMPANY: How HotelTonight’s Logo Boosts Revenue By More Than 10% A Year

Odysseus Arms work for HotelTonight featured in Fast Company. HotelTonight has the hardest working logo in the business. The bed-shaped “H” emblem figures prominently in the company’s new ad campaign. And over the past five years, the logo has boosted HotelTonight’s revenue by more than 10% each year. Read More >

AD AGE: Odysseus Arms wins gold at ad age small agency awards

The ‘road less traveled’ has proven to be paved with gold for San Francisco ad boutique Odysseus Arms – a winner at AdAge Small Agency Awards 2014. Winning Gold for a Nationals agency sized 1-10 employees, the 9-person shop has become a go-to creative powerhouse for huge brands like Microsoft, Coca-Cola, YouTube, Ubisoft and Capital One. Read More >