Barefoot wine & Bubbly

Summer Fan Jam



Overnight, it became a $45 million market with every winery on earth crowding shelves with “wine in a can.” To win the space, we needed to establish Barefoot Wine’s newly designed Spritzer cans and achieve an aggressive sales goal.


“Summer Fan Jam Spritzer Tour.” This time, the fans guided the “Live ad.” Responding to invitations in comments on Facebook and Instagram, we drove across the country, visiting real Barefoot fans with floaties, Spritzers and sunscreen. We documented the entire trip for social media, creating over 100 pieces of content for the brand’s 1.5 million followers.


The campaign drove a successful launch of Barefoot’s Spritzer cans in a crowded, busy market during the hotly contested, summer media frenzy in the alcohol sector.

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