Carlo rossi

Social Content



Once a loved brand and household name forty years ago, Carlo Rossi’s loyalist audience was aging and with it, sales were slowly dying off. We were charged with modernizing the brand and connecting it to modern Millennial age wine drinkers.


The brand is kind of famous as “backyard party” essential in neighborhoods around the land. We envisioned a digital version of block party, played out primarily on social media. Bad jokes, fantastical ideas, crazy uncles and too many red plastic cups—this is modern Rossi.


We grew Carlo Rossi’s following on Facebook and Instagram by 800% over the course of the campaign. Once an aging brand with an aging demographic, we rejuvenated the audience and sales: it’s now a top 5 brand in the world’s largest winery, E&J Gallo. Our content has been meme-ified by BuzzFeed, Drunk Betch, Women Who Love Wine, Drinks For Gayz and more.