People Against Dirty

De-positioned a billion-dollar category as poison. If you’re fighting 50 years of disinformation about the safety and healthfulness of products that remove dirt or “clean,” you need much more than a tagline and a media buy. You need to find a strategy for reeducating 200 million people happily “nuking” dirt, unaware that cancer rates are notably higher among stay-at-home moms versus working women. People Against Dirty deftly inspired people to question their concept of clean, educated them about the efficacy of green chemistry and encouraged them to clean in the nude (you can do that with non-petroleum-based products). Method sales were increased by 20% (15% sustained) with a single magazine insert that illuminated the small company’s spirit, product, philosophy and mission to revolutionize a flawed staple.

The People Against Dirty campaign began with a philosophy outlined in a 20-page insert cloaked in brown paper and dropped into two publications: “Real Simple” and “O” magazine. Two insertions generated an immediate 20% spike in sales, 15% sustained.