Odysseus Arms is a modern version of the ad agency: independent, nimble, highly-collaborative, digitally driven and results-obsessed. Libby Brockhoff, co-founder of Mother, London, named by Campaign No. 4 of the 50 greatest agencies of all-time, seeks to build closer relationships between people and brands by harnessing the power of empathy.

OA was named Ad Age National Agency of the Year in 2014.  

Wieden & Kennedy, GSP, CP+B, Mother. If you like their work, you’ll probably like ours alot. That’s because we led most of those agencies in past lives.

Contact Information

8 California Street
Suite 400
San Francisco, CA 94111
(415) 466-8990

new business inquiries

Franklin Tipton
(415) 342-0799

talent inquiries

Libby Brockhoff
(415) 999-6331


THE odyssey:

Possibly the greatest story ever told, re-envisioned in 23 pages forthe modern, busy reader. Just in case you slept through Englishclass in high school and do not recall our dear namesake, send a polite, neatly spaced, proofed e-mail. We’ll promptly mail you a free copy of this blindingly reductionist version of the 560-page classic.